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The Weeknd samples Sandpaper Kisses
Oct 03, 2015
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  1. According to this post... What do you think about these sampled songs?

    1. Sounds good the marley's version is awesome, nice fansite btw!

  2. Heloo all, didn't know where to post this, but does anyone have the early first live performances of martina topley bird. I remember downloading live performances of hers from some radio show I think Nova, before during or before quixotic. And also another live performance in some cafe she performed with some guy with a guitar and a harmonic they did the whole album was awesome. The old site is offline and now and the same people are no longer on soulseek.

    Tks again.

    1. Hi there!
      I think the live performance with the guitar and harmonic you mean it's Martina Topley Bird Live in Montreux 2004. An awesome live performance from the album Quixotic and other compositions. Is that the one of the live performances you're looking for? Please confirm so we can help you.
      And don't worry, we are developing a "Request" forum section for this kind of things in a near future. Thanks for writing!

  3. I'm not sure, that would be awesome! All I can remember is a live radio show performance where she did some songs of quixotic and some other blues songs to an acoustic guitar. And a live performance that seemed like in a small cafe or pub of her quixotic songs. I remember someone named Em posting them on the old website that is no longer online and also sharing them on soulseek. All i can find that is possibly related is this article online. I loved that performance. Love her real raw and simple sound and her amazing soulful voice. She keeps her music real! I wish i could of seen the faces of the people in the audience.

    I tried to post with my google account but it says unkown.

    Thanks for your reply!

    Rich. (cooloutac)

  4. Yes I remember you could even hear glasses clinking and people chattering in the background, and the performance was out of this world! nothing but her and some hand instruments and a guy with a guitar and harmonica. Raw! and they killed it! Its funny how the only female singers I like are the ones from that london trip hop era. Martina is the top. The american pop singers come off so cloned and fake. Martina always reminded me of like a combination of the souls of Billy Holiday and Janis Joplin the way you feel her emotion as authentic. You cant pigeon hole her music. Its so captivating with her beautiful voice and the fact you never know what to expect, so original and nonconforming yet at the same time so simple. An artist's artist. One of the realest. Her soul has to be way older then most.

    Thanks again,


    1. I'm almost 100% sure you are looking for the live performance in Montreux Jazz Festival, check it out HERE. As you say, it's a really raw and intimate performance, her voice is unique. I think about the astonishing crowd faces too!
      I highly recommend you to watch the Les Nuits Zébrées Live Performance, personally it's one of my favourites, check it out HERE

      Log out and then log in into this site to know if Google account it's working well,
      thanks for writing!

    2. Looks like you got many words to share!
      If you like, you can send us to info@someplacesimple a personal review about Martina and her music. We are posting the 'Words to Martina' HERE, it contains another fans reviews and special words for her.
      Thank you for writing!

  5. Those aren't the ones I'm looking for, but those are great performances. I'm looking for the one with harmonica and acoustic guitar not electric, I think it was one of her first performances in a small cafe. The other is a interview she did on a radio show, where she sung some blues songs. A fan called Em shared them many years ago on soulseek.

    But love the shows you linked, love her on that organ and that version of carnies. I think I just played her version of Marlene 100 times this weekend in honor of the massacre in france.