gets +100.000 on Google! gets +100.000 on Google!
by Rodrigo (Site Administrator) · Sep 16, 2015
This morning the first thing I said was like 'OMG! Heck yeah!' when I noticed this! I saw it coming 4 days ago, when we reached 86.000+, but I've never imagined that only in four days we managed to get 14.000 more recommendations of people to achieve a total of 100.000! and the best part of all? It still counting!

I don't know what more to say but thank you guys! was released for you, me and all collaborators who make this website are pleased to know that you like it and you support us! A very great pleasure!

100.000 Thanks!
Thank you very much for supporting!
You guys rock! :)

Look ma! Down here our Google+ button has more than 100.000 recomendations. Yay!